Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Following the rush of Salute, the dock hands at the slips have been having a bit of a break to date, however so far USS Olympia, the US destroyers and the Pathfinder Digs are all being rigged so hopefully pics soon for these.

Next up is completing the US escort carriers, Lexington, Sarratoga and Yorktown, then it's onto USS Enterprise, this is hopefully going to be something special and will be the centre piece of the fleet, rounding it off. So as with the Japanese Carriers I'm thinking of using an existing 1/700 model as a starting point and then kit bashing with additional parts to give it a retro nef feel.

At the moment thinking of using something like the Hosho, which was Japan's first carrier and does'nt look too avante garde. My personal view of Aeronef sees Japan as the fore runner in design, with efficient, huge designs, possible due to enormous r-matter reserves in Manchuria and China, hence the potential scale of her carriers. America, conversely is rapidly seeking resources so her carriers have to be much simpler. I'll hopefully be looking at scenarios around this, looking at ideas for the little known second Spanish American war, and the US - Chile clash of the early 1900's.

Anyway, not too much news at the mo, as life and work seem to be taking up all my time at the moment, so all the best for now.

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  1. The 'nefs are fantastic. I take my hat of to you sir. May I ask what rules you are using? Thanks, John.