Wednesday, 20 April 2011

What's in a Name?

First of all hello again and just to say the blog will be up and running from now on, with hopefully a full set of photo's of all the models used in the recent "Damn the Torpedo's " game at Salute this weekend as well as some how to do articles on superdetailing the models and making the scenery. A very big thanks to my fellow League of Gentlemen who made the trip down from Liverepool fore the event. Yes we were all sticking stands together at 3am on Saturday, but you have to love the smell of epoxy resin in the morning!;-)

A big thanks to John, Paul, Barry and Lenny, medals with clasp all round gentlemen, and large brandy's for all...

Salute was fantastic and we never anticipated such a huge postive response from everyone, Aeronef is a niche interest after all, however your comments and support were very much appreciated, although apologies if I came across somewhat hazy by midday, by then sleep deprivation was really kicking in! We are hoping to present the game and develop it further throughout the year, if you want to catch up and have a look you are more than welcome. Although we did'nt originally intend to present the game as a participation affair, in the end the interest amongst younger audience members was too great, and we were'nt going to say no!.

All the young Admirals performed brilliantly and put us to shame, particually the young gentleman who rolled six's to order and promptly sank everything in sight, before anouncing he was'nt having any more of this and was going to ram!!!!.....We salute you sir, Nelson would be proud.

A few people enquired to the  group's name and where it originates, Arbuthnot was a Naval Commander at the time of Jutland, something of an all rounder, he was renowned for his pugilistic skills, once taking on a trio of sailors when docked abroad, soundly administring a thrashing to all!!!, as well as being the only Navy Commander to date in the Royal Navy to succesfully complete three full turns on the paralell bars. Well known throughout the navy for his desire to have a crack at the Hun, he managed to loose his squadron in minutes at Jutland through his eagerness. All in all quite a character and "top" chap!, apart from loosing the ships that is.........

So now the mist has passed and have cought up with the sleep, Salute was a fantastic experience and we hope to make the game bigger and better throughout the Year, The dastardly Brits will hopefully be making a squadron strength show with a couple of battlecruisers....unfinished business from 1812 don't you know, and the gallent French in form of L' Escadrille La Fayette will be assisting their American cousins. Meanwhile the Japanese will be equally reinforced in the form of a trio of super carriers.....lots still to do

Cheers for now

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